Apple Support

  • Set up a new device or printer
  • Troubleshoot and fix errors and problems
  • Learn how to use your Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Update your devices’ operating system and software
  • Optimize your devices’ speed, battery life, and settings
  • Set up iCloud
  • Manage your Apple ID
  • Transfer data to a new device
  • Back up your data locally and in the cloud
  • Sync email, contacts, calendars, and reminders

  • Organize your documents in the cloud
  • Learn how to manage your email effectively
  • Develop a strategy for managing your tasks
  • Create and manage documents across your devices
  • Collaborate using shared calendars and reminders
  • Set up your Apple TV
  • Create an easy-to-use personal website
  • Create media projects for family and friends
  • Use iTunes Match to sync music across your devices
  • Use iCloud Photo Library to organize and sync your photos

  • Develop a plan for your digital life estate
  • Learn how to create and manage strong passwords
  • Learn best security practices for web surfing and email
  • Safeguard accounts using two-factor authentication
  • Audit your online privacy settings
  • Learn to safely navigate the world of social media
  • Gain control over the information you share online