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Instagram for business, finally!?

I’ve taking a bit of a hiatus from Instagram to focus on other platforms like Snapchat and Twitter (Which both have their own bit of intrigue and unique audiences.). After posting a photo recently the Instagram the following popped up asking if I’d like to switch to a Instagram Business Profile .

If you’ve ever looked at into Facebook advertising what you get here is an even more condensed version. In fact your Facebook Page for your business and your Instagram profile are linked together. Yes Facebook and Instagram are pay to play now if you’re not already famous.

You can also find the business profile in your settings. Next you choose an existing Facebook page and you’re all good. You can also turn off the business profile at any time. @ncrmro being my handle (I’m very active) and J-Tronics this website (and my consulting business). I choose ncrmro for now since you can switch it.



The Metrics

The Instagram blog post speaks on how difficult business analytics typically are (Anyone who’s ever used Google Analytics can attest to that) be. The analytics tools are quite simple, and focus on three things.

  • Impression
  • Reach
  • Engagement



Your new profile and general metrics

Once you land on your new profile it will pull the contact info from your page and users can click the contact button to reach you through email, phone or directions (mine pulls up to Houston, TX not my home address.) At the time of writing I had my info here but will probably remove it for the time being.

Metrics continued


Here are some cool metrics including, gender, age, and geographies.

Ok, great. How much does it cost.

Their two options, call or visit a business or visit a website. Prices are pretty darn close and Facebook has set 5 dollars as a baseline.

Setting up Payment

You can choose to connect a card, or use Paypal. I’ve opted forPaypal

Setting up a campaign

Let’s pretend for a moment I’m actually interested in promoting Attibassi Cafe’s bagged espresso beans.

Creating a custom Audience

Attibassi Cafe based in Italy would like to increase their california market of youngish caffeine consumers. Here we can really fine tune the audience including things like age, gender, topics and geography(country, state, or city)

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